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Student voices: undergrad hedge funds, a visit to Whitlock's, and more

“Most college start-ups do not post eight percent returns within their first nine months of existence. But Refraction Capital is no ordinary entrepreneurial venture.” Ryan Manucha ’16 describes the development of Refraction Capital LLC, a hedge fund run by Yale undergraduates, in an article for the Yale Entrepreneur.  

An inside look at the first semester of the new Yale-NUS College, by Benjamin Weiner ’16 and Eric Wang ’17 for the Politic. 

“Mauritius was made first and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius,” Mark Twain once said of the idyllic island nation, 1,200 miles off the southwestern coast of Africa. It is also where the famous dodo bird lived, and died—and the Chinese Mauritians may be facing a similar fate today. Tao Tao Holmes ’14 explores the history and development of Sino-Mauritian community in a recent Yale Globalist article.

“The sign by the door read WHITLOCK TYPEWRITER SHOP. I knocked and entered. The hermetic seal broke. I found a narrow room lined with shelves of tagged typewriters and cases like mine. I know there wasn’t smoke, but in my recollection the air seems hazy and intricate. Everywhere there were stacks of little cardboard boxes whose package design was decades old, the reds and blues faded. Type-balls, type-slugs, bars, rollers, ribbons, platens. On one shelf, there was a bust of Mark Twain. And at the far end of the room, in the glow of a single halogen lamp, the old man — Mr. Whitlock himself — was standing at a desk.” Read more of “Between the Objects of the World,” a personal essay by Vincent Tolentino ’14, in the Yale Daily News Magazine.

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