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You have to break some eggs

Okay, drop whatever you're doing. If you run to the Peabody Museum right now, you can see a mob of emus (that's really the collective noun: mob) forming in an the middle of an exhibition. Since the exhibit Tiny Titans: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies opened on February 8, a cache of large, dark green emu eggs have been incubating amid the fossil dinosaur eggs and skeletons. Yesterday, they started to crack.

The exhibit, which originated in Colorado but was augmented with items from the Peabody's collections, looks at what paleontologists know about dinosaur eggs and nests—and how they relate to those of modern birds. The late Yale paleontologist John Ostrom first developed the ideas that birds descended from dinosaurs, so the Peabody is an especially good place to explore the connection, embodied most vividly in the birth of these living dinosaurs.

Right now, three emu chicks appear to have come out of their shells: if you can't make it over to the Peabody, check out the livestream from the museum.


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