Every Friday, we choose an alum who has been making headlines—for better or for worse.
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Colin Sheehan ’97

Colin Sheehan ’97 knows the Yale golf course pretty well—he’s even played it at night, as he reported in Yankee magazine in a paean to the course’s famed ninth hole: “Once, in my undergraduate days, I tackled this hole at night. I sneaked onto the course, headed up to the tee with Day-Glo balls, then launched drive after drive over the pond. I’d follow their arcs like tracer rockets, then close my eyes, hoping to hear, after what seemed like an eternity, a thud (as they hit the green) rather than a splash.”

A former Yale golfer who spent last year as an assistant coach, Sheehan was named head coach of the men’s team on June 26, succeeding veteran coach Dave Paterson. Sheehan is as much a wordsmith as a golfer: he was an editor of The Golfer magazine and wrote a history of the U.S. Amateur championship.

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