Every Friday, we choose an alum who has been making headlines—for better or for worse.
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Brian Deese

Many people wish for fame. For Brian Deese’s turn in the spotlight, maybe not so much. Deese, a once-and-perhaps-future Yale law student, is the 31-year-old steering the Obama administration through General Motors’ bankruptcy. After his position earned him a profile in the New York Times, his age and lack of business or economics background—and, just possibly, his political affiliation—earned scorn from the likes of a Wall Street Journal editorialist and Fox News’ Glenn Beck. “There was a time between Nov. 4 and mid-February when I was the only full-time member of the auto task force,” Deese told the Times. “It was a little scary.” Quipped Beck: “More than a little scary for GM, much less the American people.” Scary or not, presumably Deese would like to see the job market for this particular skill set—dismantling failed American companies—dry up soon.

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