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Marta Tellado ’02PhD: top rated by Consumer Reports

If you know Consumer Reports simply as the magazine that tells you which toaster to buy, get ready. Marta Tellado ’02PhD is planning to organize you.

On Tuesday, Tellado, 55, was named president and CEO of Consumer Reports, a nonprofit organization that tests products and advocates for consumers. That advocacy role is where Tellado comes in. She started her career working for Ralph Nader’s organization Public Citizen, and she’s been involved in advocacy and social justice issues at the Aspen Institute, the Partnership for Public Service, and, for the last nine years, as a vice president of the Ford Foundation. A native of Cuba, she grew up in New Jersey; she got her PhD from Yale in political science.

In a press release, Consumer Reports board chair Walter Bristol called her “a strategic thinker with a deep understanding of how to build social movements in today’s digital age.”

“Consumer Reports is really about rebuilding a movement for consumers and reintroducing the power of consumers to generations that aren’t familiar with it,” Tellado told the New York Times.

I’m all for a consumer movement; I just hope they keep taking those great pictures of people tasting pudding and pouring lead shot on paper towels.


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