Man on the street

How a sharecropper's son deciphered the code of the city.

By Julia Klein


A brief history of groupthink

Why two, three, or many heads aren't always better than one.

By Kathrin Lassila


This is CCL?

Not anymore. Yale's much-used but little-loved Cross Campus Library emerged from a 17-month renovation this fall with a new name and a completely new look.

By Mark Alden Branch

The Game

The disaster of ’07

By Ben Reiter

From the Editor

Expanding financial aid

By Kathrin Lassila

Letters to the Editor

Our readers respond

Where They Are Now

Family business

An Eli Sherpa who treks, runs a company, and speaks Spanish, Mandarin, and a little Czech.

By David Wolman

Scene on Campus

Through a glass, still darkly

The Tiffany window in Linsly-Chit.

Old Yale

Angell of the CIA

How a Yale president's wife helped found America's top cooking school.

By Judith Schiff


The WMD the world forgot

The Bush administration has applied a double standard to nuclear nonproliferation.

By Strobe Talbott

Sporting Life

The fall sports roundup

The autumn campaign featured impressive performances—but no championships.

By Jess Notebaert

School Notes

School Notes

News about your Yale school.

In Memoriam

Recent alumni deaths

Last Look

Old hat

A Peruvian artifact at the Art Gallery.