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The man, the sandwich, the sauce

What’s a Wenzel? If you went to Yale in this century, you are likely to know. A Wenzel is a particular kind of sandwich with a fried chicken cutlet doused in hot sauce—named for one Eric Wenzel ’03, who first dreamed it up as a special order at Elm Street’s Alpha Delta Pizza. It has remained a popular menu item since his days as a student on the football and lacrosse teams. We ran into the original Wenzel yesterday during a College Night event on Broadway; he has left a career on Wall Street to leverage his eponymous epicurean fame into a business selling bottled Wenzel Sauce, a spicy concoction he developed (and which Alpha Delta Pizza is now using). You can find it online—or on Broadway at Campus Customs. We’re sure that Reuben—whoever he was—is now kicking himself for not having thought of this.

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