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Mystery Monday: canst thou find me?

Yesterday was, as near as anyone can tell, Shakespeare's birthday. Can you tell where on campus we saw this tribute to the bard?

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  • George Huthsteiner '74 TD
    George Huthsteiner '74 TD, 2:34am April 25 2023 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    <> Sterling Memorial Library 1930 James Gamble Rogers <> William Shakespeare gazes down onto Rose Walk aka High Street <> Lew Lawrie designed and Rene Chambellan executed the carving. Bertram Goodhue was the original architect for Sterling Library <> Lawrie had previously designed similar allegorical sculptures in Art Deco style for Goodhue's Los Angeles Central Library of 1925 <> James Gamble Rogers had also employed Lawrie and Chambellan in 1921 to create the multitude of figure sculptures on Harkness Tower <>

  • Mark Branch
    Mark Branch, 9:13am April 26 2023 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    That's right!

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