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Mystery Monday: niche products

This bit of ornament is not on a campus building, but it is campus-adjacent. And it seems to be paying tribute to traditional student pastimes. Where is it?

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  • George Huthsteiner '74 TD
    George Huthsteiner '74 TD, 11:42pm May 10 2023 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    From my collection --> "xYale 1925 Broadway 21. 1925 maybe. An opening on Broadway. One of the few not owned by Yale, Junzi Kitchen on ground floor, apartments upstairs. Copper steins and clay pipes are built into the façade. Photo Mark Alden Branch ’86. March 19, 2018 YAM."

  • Mark Branch
    Mark Branch, 3:37pm May 11 2023 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    That's the place!

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